SICREA Group brings the Enzo Ferrari Museum project to Romania

It is the most important event for industry insiders in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. The GIS – International Interior Architecture and Interior Design Expo Conference, which also included SICREA Group among the participants, was held on the 7th - 8th April 2015 in Bucharest . The international meeting is dedicated to the best projects and examples of good architectural practice in Europe, with the Enzo Ferrari Museum (MEF) in Modena among chosen examples. Presenting this ambitious project to an audience of over 250 architects and designers were SICREA Group engineer Giuseppe Coppi, project manager of MEF, and Pierpaolo Patroncini, the the group's marketing and business development manager.
The tender for the design of the museum dedicated to the 'Drake' in the city of his birth, as was illustrated during the GIS in Bucharest, was won by Future Systems studio under the guidance of celebrated Czech architect Jan Kaplicky. To create “The Open Hand”, the yellow bonnet that covers and protects the old house and workshop of the Ferrari family, some of the most important construction companies in Italy were formed into a single association in 2008. The winning group – not due to price, but to the numerous improvements made to the project – was headed by the Construction Cooperative of Modena (CdC), which recently became a member of the SICREA Group.
The event in Romania was the first important international recognition of CdCs work, that today thanks to SICREA Group can also enhance its know-how and competences in the eyes of foreign stakeholders. The GIS was a forerunner to a number of international marketing activities that the Group is planning, while also offering the occasion to present the SICREA Group project to a qualified audience of decision makers.

Here is a link to the presentation of the event.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 5/7/15
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