With the UNI ISO 37001 Certification (Management Systems for Corruption Prevention) SICREA Group takes a further step along the path of Legality and Transparency.

Corruption is a scourge that companies have always faced and fought against. This is an element capable of causing serious damage to the competitiveness and economy of the countries. In fact, it alters competition, increases the costs of interventions, products and services to the detriment of quality. The negative effects of corruption also damage institutions and citizens.

Not only corruption can and must be curbed at the legislative level, but the same companies can fight it by deciding to adopt an Anti-corruption Management System according to the ISO 37001 standard.

What is the ISO 37001 standard?
It is a strong tool in the hands of organizations to combat corruption. On the one hand it favors the growth of a culture of transparency and integrity and on the other hand the development of effective measures to prevent and deal with corruption. The ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Management System acts as a support for institutions and companies that must comply with the anti-corruption legislative obligations, and it is used to monitor over time the greater risks and costs related to the phenomenon of corruption.

The certification process
To achieve the ISO 37001 certification, whose duration is three years, the main steps are:

  • definition of the certification purpose
  • execution of a pre-audit
  • execution of the audit visit
  • submission of the report and certificate following approval by the approval body of the institution
  • annual surveillance visits
Who is the certifying body?
TÜV Italia is an independent certification, inspection, testing, and training body, which offers certification services in the areas of quality, energy, environment, safety and product. The facility employs 800 locations worldwide and is present in more than 60 countries. In Italy, it has existed since 1987 with over 500 employees, 400 collaborators and several operational offices throughout the country.

SICREA and the UNI ISO 37001 certification
Our Group has spent a lot of energy on the topics of Legality. Our corporate policies on these issues are particularly strict, sometimes unique in the industry, and for this reason we have often been cited as a virtuous subject.

It is with great satisfaction that today, after having passed the necessary procedures and controls, we can boast of the "MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR PREVENTING CORRUPTION" certified by TUV ITALIA, integrated with the other management systems, which aims to prevent , identify and deal with any acts of corruption in relation to company processes.

The achievement of the UNI ISO 37001 certification enriches the path taken by the SICREA Group and qualifies a way of thinking and being that we are very proud of and that we hope will be increasingly appreciated by the clients.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 12/14/18
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